Warren County Zoning

Master Plans 2025 Vision Statement
Warren County is an oasis in the metropolitan region where pristine rural areas and valuable agricultural land and businesses successfully coexist in a country atmosphere. The County's vibrant communities are nestled in the relaxed countryside, only a few minutes from Des Moines downtown. Residents can choose to live in rural, suburban or urban areas and benefit from a balanced economy that offers diversified retail. Commercial, office and industrial development clustered in communities and along established transportation routes. The cities and towns located within the County boundaries support the County's goal to preserve these unique qualities.

Purpose of "The Zoning Ordinance"
The Zoning Ordinance is adopted for the purpose of promoting public health, safety, morals, comfort and general welfare; to conserve and protect property and property values, to secure and provide the social and economic advantages resulting from an orderly planned use of land resources; and to facilitate adequate, but economical provisions for public improvements, all in accordance with a comprehensive plan and as permitted by the provisions of Chapter 335, of the Code of Iowa, 2005.