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Boats, Snowmobile, ATV Registrations

301 North Buxton, Suite 109
Indianola, IA 50125
Phone: 515-961-1089

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm

The cost is $17.75 for ATV or Snowmobile renewals. Please add $1.00 if you want them mailed to you. It is very important that you bring or include your VIN number to the machine you are renewing, & your Iowa Drivers license#, SSN# or DNR number. Payment may be made by check, cash or debit/credit card.

If the machine was not renewed last year, there will be an additional $5.00 penalty.

Please call our office with any questions you may have. 515-961-1089

Boat ATV Application

The Warren County Recorder issues boat, ATV / Snowmobile registrations, titles and liens on titles. We also collect sales tax on casual boat, ATV & snowmobile sales.

When transferring a boat or ATV to your name, DNR requires us to have a copy of the old or current registration, BILL OF SALE (Signed by previous owner), and the title, if there is one.

Payment may be made by cash, check or debit/credit card. There will be a transaction fee if you use your card.

Snowmobile / ATV Fees
Snowmobile / ATV renewals are due before December of each year.

Yearly Registration fee $17.75
Duplicate Fee $6.75
Title Fee $11.50
Lien Fee $11.50

Note: $5.00 will be added to Snowmobile/ATV not transferred within 30 days from date of purchase.

Boat Fees

Boats can be renewed January 4th through April 30th, 2016 without penalty.

Renew- Documented Vessel $29.90
Renew- Personal Watercraft $49.90
Renew- Any length without motor/sail $16.90
Renew- Less than 16ft – motor/sail $27.40
Renew- 16 to under 26ft.- motor/sail $40.90
Renew- 26 to under 40ft.- motor/sail $79.90
Renew- 40ft & over - motor/sail $154.90
Boat Title $12.75
Boat Lien $12.75

Hull ID number for each boat – this will need verified from the vessel by the owner.

If the boat was not renewed during the last 2013-2016 period , there will be a $5.00 penalty fee.

If you are renewing by mail, please include $1.00 postage per boat.

Renewals are due by April 30, 2016 to avoid penalty of $5.00

If you are purchasing a boat, you will need to bring the Registration, the Title (It will have one if the boat is over 16ft), and Bill of Sale to the Recorder’s Office to register the boat in your name.

Questions? Please call us at 515-961-1089.