Warren County Engineer

Departmental Responsibilities

The County Engineer and his staff are responsible for the management of the secondary road system in Warren County which involves all roads within the county excluding interstate highways, primary (state) highways, city streets, park roads, and private roads.

The responsibilities include construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, and related features. At the present time, the Warren County secondary road system includes approximately 170 miles of paved roads, 630 miles of granular surfaced roads, and 68 miles of dirt roads. Located on the county roads are approximately 200 bridges, 78 reinforced concrete box culverts, and as many as 5,000 roadway pipe culverts.

The classification of the roadway defines the specific design guidelines and available funding sources as well as the level of service that is provided. Within the secondary road system there are Farm-to-Market or Area Service (local) roads. Area Service roads are classified as Level A, Level B or Level C Service with Level B and C being reduced maintenance type roadways.

Also included in the management process is the preparation of an annual budget and a five-year construction program that identifies how the county will fund the planned road improvements and maintenance activities. The county's fiscal year begins on July 1st and ends on June 30th so many of the projects involve two fiscal years. Additions or revisions to the five-year construction program are normally considered in February or March each year.

Current Construction Projects

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All time-frames are tentative and subject to change. This list does not cover all construction operations performed within the county.

For Current Road Conditions or Closures on State and Federal Highways, please refer to the Iowa DOT webpage at https://lb.511ia.org/ialb/