Warren County Code of Ordinances

If you have questions or concerns about whether a particular ordinance has been amended since the last update please contact Warren County Attorney.

Warren County Code of Ordinance Index

Title I - Policy and Administration
Chapter 1 Code of Ordinances
Chapter 2 County Infractions
Chapter 3 General Assistance
Chapter 4 Accepting and Reporting of Gifts
Chapter 5 Industrial Property Tax Exemptions
Chapter 6 Illegal Dumping on Public Property
Chapter 9 Registration and Operation of ATVs and UTVs
Title II - Transportation
Chapter 10 Road Classification / Area Service System
Chapter 11 Policies and Level of Service in Clearance of Snow
Chapter 12 Snow Routes / Parking Prohibited
Chapter 13 Uniform Rural Address System
Chapter 14 Sidewalk construction
Chapter 15 Area Service "C" Road Classification
Chapter 16 Procedure for Utility Installation Permits
Chapter 17 Unauthorized Use of Secondary Road Right-of-Way
Chapter 18 Speed Restriction Ordinance
Chapter 19 Driveway Entrances
Title III - Public Order and Safety
Chapter 20 Hazardous Waste
Chapter 21 Animal Control and Dangerous Dog Ordinance
Chapter 22 Dangerous Building
Title IV - Health Regulations
Chapter 30 General Environmental Health Regulations
Chapter 31 On-Site Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems
Chapter 32 Standards for the Land Application of Sewage Sludge
Chapter 33 Nonpublic Private Water Wells
Chapter 34 Regulation of Industrial Wastewater and Commercial Wastewater
Chapter 35 County Owned Public Sanitary Sewer Systems
Chapter 36 Lead Based Paint Hazards
Chapter 37 Communicable and Infectious Diseases and Poisonings
Title V - Property and Land Use
Chapter 40 Zoning - General Provisions and Regulations
Chapter 41 Zoning - Districts and Boundaries
Chapter 42 Zoning - Supplementary and Qualifying Regulations
Chapter 43 Zoning - Enforcement and Administration
Chapter 44 Zoning - Airport Height and Hazard Regulations
Chapter 45 Flood Plain Management
Chapter 46 Subdivision Regulations
Chapter 47 Historic Preservation